Latona Spring, Lamoine’s Free Pure Water Source

Latona was a goddess of Roman origin. Daughter of Caeus the Titan and Phoebe, or, according to Homer, of Saturn, and mother of Apollo and Diana. For our town, I assume one particular legend of Latona’s applies. She was banished to earth and earth people were forbidden from giving her comfort by the jealous goddess Juno. Latona and her two children asked the farmers around a lake if she and her children could drink from it. The farmers, fearing the wrath of Juno, denied her. After repeated entreaties she finally decided she had had enough, and turned them into frogs. Lamoine people, by naming our spring after the spurned goddess, are certain to provide her water, and therefore need not fear being changed into frogs.

Latona Spring is downhill from Blunt’s Pond, once used for a public water supply, and kept relatively pristine by laws against bathing, motorboats and swimming dogs. This water is filtered through the aquifer and emerges at Latona Spring, where it is captured in a brick enclosure. From here water emerges through a pipe where visitors or Roman goddesses can drink or capture as much as they wish.

Many locals use the water for drinking if their own well water is less than tasty. We have recently used it as we “break in” our new well. We know that the bottled water from the supermarket is no better than that from our Roman goddess. The spring has recently undergone renovations by the owners, Lamoine’s Whitcomb family. The roof has been temporarily moved and is in need of shingles. Plumbing has been replaced and the outlet pipe has been artfully enclosed in granite stonework. New gravel now improves parking.

Stone steps lead to easy access of cool, pure water

The entrance to Latona Spring is just opposite the sign for Latona Lane on State Route 184, Lamoine Beach Road, about 2 miles east of the school. If you visit, please remember this is private property shared with the public, and may not remain so if abused.

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Comments on Latona Spring, Lamoine’s Free Pure Water Source


Barb @ 8:04 am

I have sampled the water at Latona Spring–it’s wonderful! No need to buy bottled water in Lamoine!


Jim Battey @ 12:49 pm

Any idea why the sign over Latona Spring says Latuna? Sounds fishy to me….

Bruce @ 1:09 pm

You can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish.


Joanne Fontaine Clark @ 1:19 pm

I grew up drinking this water…nothing beats it.


Missy Edes @ 5:43 pm

The First time I had some of this water was on my Honeymoon 15 years ago. It was originally bought by my husbands Grandfather or great grandfather Clarence Emery. We did some searching and found it was later sold to someone Which I believe is the Whitcomb family. who obviously care for it a great deal. We are coming in September and bringing more family with us this time. I cannot wait for them to taste it. Need to figure out a way to take some home to Arizona.


Tim @ 3:05 pm

Does anyone know about the history of this spring and how long it has been in use? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Tim


Chuck @ 4:29 pm

Use of this spring dates back to colonial times, if not even earlier. Back then, ship’s captains loved to anchor in the shelter of Frenchman’s Bay and roll their empty water barrels up the gentle slope to refill them with this excellent water. Indians probably alerted early visitors to the location of the spring and the word spread from there.