The Lamoine Town Dump

OK,  so they don’t call it the dump anymore. After the dump it was the sanitary landfill, then the transfer station. In some towns it’s called the Recycling Center. It’s the place everyone in Lamoine visits once a week unless they pay Rusty to pick up their garbage. It’s also the place treasures are found.

Cool stuff found at the dump.

One of the smartest things some unknown solid waste person came up with was the Swap Shop. The Swap Shop is one of the highlights of many of our visitors’ Saturdays, and is a separate building well removed from the trash. People bring in books, dishes, vacuum cleaners and other appliances, electronics and toys and before they leave, pick out a few things to bring home. Some things need no fixing,  some need a simple repair, others get returned the next week. The book collection is extensive. I call it the Lamoine Landfill Lending Library just for fun even though most of what ends up in landfills these days is ash from the Orrington waste-to-energy plant. Last Saturday I picked out a book from 1934 called Dry-Gulch Adams by Peter Field. My brother-in-law likes westerns so I thought I’d have it on hand for his next visit. Just for fun I looked it up on amazon and they had one used copy for $125! Any buyers? Other big finds include watercolor paintings, drills, rice cookers, keyboards, ice augers, vacuums and radios.

We try to get our real trash down to one or two bags a week by separating out glass, plastics, metal cans cardboard and paper, all of which have their own destinations at the transfer station. Maine also has a 5 cent bottle return law which the transfer station makes available as a fundraiser. In 2009, $1,718 was raised for various community groups. Overall, the State of Maine recycles 36% of its waste (by weight) and another 35% ends up in the incinerator at Orrington. The rest goes into landfills.

Need some flower pots?  A length of rope? An aquarium? Wait until Friday or Saturday before running out to the store and swing by the transfer station’s swap shop. Not only will you keep things out of the landfill or incinerator, you may get what you need for FREE!

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Comments on The Lamoine Town Dump


B. Horning @ 7:42 pm

I can attest to the fun trips to The Dump we’ve had on our visits to Sea Cat’s Rest. We found an opal necklace (real? Dunno–just looks nice and doesn’t turn my neck green), an ice auger (transported back to Michigan, where we really use those things), and many, many books. It’s always an adventure!