President Obama Visits Acadia!

Not since William Howard Taft visited the island nearly 100 years ago has a sitting president visited our island. Word has it that they cannot land a Boeing 747 at the Bar Harbor airport, so the president and his family will either come by chopper or smaller jet from Bangor. We are on the approach pattern for the airport, so there’s a good chance the flying limo will be a few hundred feet right over SeaCat’s Rest sometime around noon. For some reason we were not contacted to provide lodgings for the first family, but neither are they staying at a wealthy estate. They will be at The Bar Harbor Regency, a local hotel; at least according to rumor.

The visit will shut down some routes on the island temporarily as the family moves about during their visit. Airspace will be restricted, but our reserved business community is not going gaga over this event; we are quite accustomed to the famous among us. The late Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Martha Stewart, David Rockefeller, Pulitzers, Vanderbilts and Morgans are no big deal. I think that’s why they’re here; their privacy is respected. Hopefully the president will feel the same.

We can speculate on the presidential choice for his weekend vacation. Any weather map will show how the Acadia area is one of the coolest places in the country, with temperatures topping out in the 80s this weekend while the rest of the country struggles to stay out of triple digits. The views are dramatic, the security is manageable and President Obama will be able to play golf at Kebo Valley, the same course Taft navigated his ample frame around one hundred years ago.

We welcome our president and his family. We wish he could stay longer. Three days doesn’t begin to offer a glimpse at what’s here. Wouldn’t it be cool if they came here to buy a summer retreat? The place next door is for sale….

UPDATE: at 12:05 PM Air Force One (a shrunken version) touched down safely at Bar Harbor Airport. And yes, it did fly right over SeaCat’s Rest.

Obamas Arrive at Bar Harbor 7/16/2010

The motorcade route was lined with excited camps of spectators hoping to catch a glimpse of the first family on their way to the Regency. Security was present, but relaxed. How much will the visit inconvenience other tourists? That remains to be seen. In the long run it can’t help but be a boost for Acadia’s popularity as people around the world share their short vacation on the nightly news.

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