Lamoine’s Seal Cove Farm

A little over two miles from SeaCat’s Rest is a fantastic seaside goat dairy.  Seal Cove Farm has been in existence for just over 30 years and is part of a growing trend toward hand-crafted local cheeses.  These cheeses are as different from Kraft as Maine’s Geary’s Hampshire Special Ale is from Bud.  About 125 goats freely roam the rocky farm and a roadside farm stand is opened from noon to 4PM, closed Mondays.  Seal Cove cheeses can also be purchased locally from Hannaford Supermarkets, Sawyer’s Market in SW Harbor and the Town Hill Market, but if you want a wider selection, go to the farm stand.  You will also have the option of taking a tour of the farm, meeting the working dogs and finding out about how cheese is made.  At the farm stand you will have the choice of feta, fresh and aged chèvre and blended varieties.  Feta is curds of goat or sheep cheese cured in brine, while chèvre is simply the French word for goat.  Seal Cove feta is made from goat milk, but your supermarket’s feta may not be.  Chèvre is by definition, made from goat’s milk only and is characterized by a somewhat more acidic flavor than cow’s milk cheese. The protein content is higher, the fat content is similar but is considered more digestible. Goat milk is said to be more similar to human breast milk.

Seal Cove also offers some cheeses made from blended goat and local cow milk.  Cheddar-like “Olga” has a semi hard rind and is aged for over 60 days. “Pearl” can be compared to a brie and “Moo Maine” is all organic cow’s milk. Many of these offerings are available with spices, herbs,  fruits and nuts and make superb gifts.

A trip to Provence, France in 2002 gave the owners the opportunity to learn local French goat cheese making techniques and so they have brought that knowledge to Lamoine.  You don’t have to go to France.  If you stay in Lamoine for your Acadia visit, it’s a bike ride away!

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Comments on Lamoine’s Seal Cove Farm


Susan @ 12:27 pm

Hi My mom had gotten some goat manure from a farm in Lamoine a couple of years back. I was wondering if you sell goat mature? If so how much does it cost? I was thinking about a yard or a half of a pickup truck full? Thanks for your help.

Bruce @ 5:48 pm

I don’t sell goat manure but the Seal Cove farm does! Call (207) 667-7127. Bruce