Bar Harbor Walking Tour #1

Once you’ve settled into your roomy oceanfront Bar Harbor lodging it’s time to get out and see the town.  It doesn’t have to be all about shopping or dining, that can be secondary. Bar Harbor is small enough that you can’t get lost and there are no “bad parts” so an unstructured wander is fine.  But if you want to get the most out of it, it’s nice to know the highlights and even nicer to have a route planned out.

An absolute must is the Shore Path. At about two miles, it shouldn’t take more than an hour.  It starts on the town pier…you might want to look into one of the whale watching tours here…and proceeds past Agamont Park.  Soon you’ll  pass historic Bar Harbor Inn.  Glance toward the water and you might see a cruise ship or the schooner Margaret Todd.  Next comes little Grant’s Park.  Now the gravel path goes past private properties, and what properties they are! Many of these homes are owned or were owned by the East Coast elite, which you can read about here.  Please resist the urge to order cocktails on the veranda.  Towards the water notice the islands: on the extreme left almost out of sight is Bar Island, so named because a sand bar allows access for a few hours around low tide.  Access is from Bridge Street. From left to right  next is  Sheep Porcupine followed by Burnt Porcupine.  Next is Long Porcupine and finally Bald Porcupine with its breakwater.  Consider visiting one of these islands by renting a kayak. Read about kayaking here.  The Shore Path continues to two possible exits. For a shorter walk turn right on Hancock Street or walk another block to Wayman Lane. You will pass the MDI Hospital on Wayman Lane on your way back to Main Street. Turn right on Main St. and prepare for some window shopping as you work your way back to the town pier.  T-shirts, souvenirs, ice cream and chocolate, art and books await.  This is also a good time to read some displayed menus on the many restaurants in town.  If the prices are just too high, there’s a Hannaford grocery store on Cottage Street and a full kitchen at (you guessed it) SeaCat’s Rest!

This is one of two walks I will present in the little town of Bar Harbor. More to come!

Map courtesy of Google Maps.

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