Bar Harbor Home Rental Guide

Renting waterfront property in the Bar Harbor area is not that much different than buying. Buyers pay the most for the same things renters value with a few exceptions like school districts and taxes.  Look in any coastal real estate book and you will see the words “XXX feet of deep water ocean frontage” before the most desirable properties.  It’s easy to understand why the frontage is important, but what about “deep water”? Why should it matter how deep it is unless you want to moor a sailboat?

To a first time Maine vacationer, among the most amazing things they see are the tides. Our tides have a ten foot range and some bodies of water can look like mud fields at low tide. For these property owners, the shore recedes many hundreds of feet or disappears completely. These areas are simply known as “tidal”, a euphemism realtors use to mean “mud field at low tide”.  The picture above is of the Skillings River in Lamoine. Raccoon Cove is another place where the water empties out and was featured in a Dirty Jobs episode about bloodworm digging. Both of these places have their pluses, lodgings are cheaper,  and they are abundant with wildlife.  But realtors like to show these properties at high tide and  if you are looking at photos of a rental property in one of these areas, you will probably see plenty of water.

SeaCat’s Rest is not “tidal”. Our ocean frontage is not the classic crashing waves on rock walls like you get some places, but neither is it shallow. At low tide we gain another hundred feet or so of rocks and seaweed but it is still easy to launch a kayak as the picture at the left shows. Our protected Frenchman Bay makes an ideal place for small boating without the problem of having to cross half a mile of mud if your timing is off. And the view from the bluff or the windows is always of water, not mud.

Deep water frontage? It means more than being able to have your deep keeled sailboat nearby. Acadia area waterfront property owners and buyers know this, now you do too!

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